By the time you have turned 30 the maximum attainable heart rate by the average man declines by one beat per minute per year. This means that the heart’s capacity to pump blood drops by five to ten percent per decade. When we reach middle age, we gain on to two kilos per year. The muscle mass is reducing and is converted into fat and dangerous cholesterol.

This age related disorders and many, many more can be radically improved through training. You can slow down the aging process through a healthier living. StayAlive Fitness AB provide you with seminars on how you can develop your personal values and feel better in the body you will stay with for the rest of your life.

Topics for the seminars:

  • Extend life and fight diseases with exercise
  • Exercise against depression
  • The right workout for your age
  • Exercises that prevents injury
  •  The difference between fit and healthy
  • Aerobic vs. Anaerobic exercise

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