Skydive arena in Prague is the first wind tunnel free fall simulator in Central and Eastern Europe. This is a new form of adrenaline entertainment, so-called indoor skydiving. Completely free of risk! Do you want to experience the feeling of free fall but jumping from a plane seems too risky? Then you are in the right place! We can tailor made the event to fit your needs as a company, package prices depends on the size of the company. Indoor skydiving is intended for the general public and professional skydivers for their training.




The tunnel is 14 meters high and the wind flows from a speed of 160-300 km/h. It creates an identical feeling of falling in free air. Everyone here can experience what it’s like to fly at a safe altitude under constant supervision of experienced instructors. Flying in a wind tunnel is designed for all people from 5 years of age, except for pregnant women, people over 130 kg, people injured or with back problems, people with impaired blood pressure or people with alcohol or drugs in their bodies.

Offer for corporate events:

  • Conferences
  • Team building activities
  • Company parties
  • Other corporate events
  • Gift for business partners and clients 
  • Extension benefit program for employees
  • Unusual prizes to competitions



Within the corporate events
we can provide:

  • Flying in the wind tunnel 
  • Moderation
  • Music program
  • Flight and sports simulators
  • Dance performances
  • Sports exhibitions
  • Discussion about skydiving

8 persons package offer:

  • 30 min Skydiving
  • Briefing (basic body position, signals for communication with the instructor)
  • Equipment (tunnel suit, goggles and helmet)
  • Conference hall for 3 hours
  • 1 to 2 instructor
  • DVD film as memory for your experience
  • Lunch buffet

Taste the air and you will know why the birds sing. Don’t forget to smile and wave to friends who came to see you.


On the roof terrace with a bar and illuminated Jacuzzi, we can arrange an unforgettable open air party with DJ’s, bar-tending show and other incidental programs. The perfect way to end a fun day of skydiving.

There is also an excellent restaurant at Skydive arena where we offer not only the varied Italian cuisine, but also a variety of buffets and snack options for your corporate event.

Light and modern conference hall with capacity of 60 to 100 seats.